Access Energetic Facelift™

The Access facial is a wonderful way to rejuvenate the face and reverse the appearance of aging; the technique can create similar effects throughout the body.

Learn the Access Energetic Face Lift™ with a friend or two so you can gift and receive the benefits if this dynamic process on a weekly basis.

A brilliant addition for any beauty therapists business, and/or massage therapists wishing to extend to their clientele.

Class Details

Pre-requisites: None
Facilitator: Daniela Horder
Date: 17/Aug/2013 - 17/Aug/2013
Time: 13:00-17:00
Location: Gatwick area, Surrey RH6 7JG, UK
Cost: £85
Notes: These are some comments from previous students about the Facelift class:

“Not just a face lift it feels more like a persona lift, OMG what will I be like after 20 sessions?”

"My skin feels softer and my face (& ‘self’) feels brighter and when I look in the mirror I definitely look younger – I thought about 10 years!!"

“After one Energetic Facelift the redness and scarring seems not so dark, it is paler than it was. The small lines are definitely less around my mouth, a result I’m happy about!”

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