What Contribution is Your Body to Your Life?


Is Your Body an Ease or a Burden?

"Any area of your life that isn’t ease, joy and glory is where you have a lack of consciousness or awareness," says Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness.

A unique aspect of Access Consciousness is that Douglas and his business partner, Dr. Dain Heer, extend this to include your body.

Indeed, they say that it is not possible to become fully conscious without bringing your body along for the ride.  Douglas readily acknowledges that this inclusion of the body makes Access Consciousness markedly different from many other approaches to spirituality and enlightenment.

Access Consciousness is a 20 year old pragmatic philosophy that has been taught world-wide to groups and individuals.  Recorded seminars and books explaining its very unique tools are also available.

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Have You Left Your Body on the Side of the Road, on Your Way to Enlightenment?

Have you been earnestly working on your self-development and spirituality and ignoring your body while doing it?

Do the principles and practices you’ve been working on have anything to do with your body, or are they all in your mind?

If you arrived at enlightenment without taking your body with you, would it be any fun anyway?

If your body were telling you it would like to contribute to the process, would you hear what it was trying to tell you?

What if your body were as conscious as you are, and could be your partner in this journey? If your body were actually more conscious than you are, would you be willing to listen to it?  What if the consciousness you are seeking were only possible by including your body in the process?

What might that look like?

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