Become an Access Body Facilitator

There are 2 types of Access Body Facilitators, Access Body-Process Facilitator & Access 3 Day Body Class Facilitator

To become an 'Access Body-Process Facilitator' and be able to facilitate a 1 or 2 body-process class you must:

  • Attend Access Bars, Foundation & Level 1 classes
  • Attend a 3 day Access Body Class
  • Submit online application
  • Pay the $100 application fee (waived for CFs)

A couple of notes:

  1. To Facilitate a Facelift class you must do the above as well as perform the facelift 20 times first and when facilitating a class you must charge $125 minimum. (This is the only class that has a set price)
  2. If you are co-facilitating a Body Process class both Facilitators must be Body Process Facilitators
  3. A one process class should be 3-4 hours in length
  4. A two process class should be 6-8 hours in length
  5. Multiple day classes are not allowed.  For every two processes facilitated there must be at least 24 hours before you facilitate another process class
  6. Send in class lists

To become an 'Access 3 Day Body Class Facilitator' and be able to facilitate the full 3 day class you must:

  • Become an Access Body Process Facilitator
  • Become an Access Certified Facilitator
  • Attend a total of 3 full Access 3-Day Body Classes
  • Facilitate a class for every body process with a minimum of 6 paying people in attendance and this class cannot be co-facilitated
  • Host and Co-Facilitate an Access 3-Day Body Class with one of the amazing certified 3-Day Body Class Facilitators
  • Receive final approval from Access Consciousness Founder Gary Douglas
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