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Find out how the Access Consciousness tools and body processes empowered Katherine MacIntosh to totally change her points of views about her body...

After Bars and Foundation I managed to stave off another allergic reaction to mascara using the molecular de-manifestation. My eye had begun to get very bloodshot, sore and irritable, but using the technique, the redness reduced, it didn't go to the usual stage of swelling and I was left with only mild discomfort. How does it get better than that!!! Maybe I can wear mascara after all!

 A.S. - England


I very much like to acknowledge Gary for the Advanced Body Class in Mooloolaba. After returning home I noticed that everything looks different -- even the trees are a more vibrant green. Whoa, who changed the color scheme on the world? Or is it me who is looking with different eyes? 

I have become aware that the creeping doubt and low grade anxiety which has been the back track to my life is no longer playing. My body feels a sweet peace as never before, oh to be like this always and what else is possible? 

Also, $449 showed up in my account from a totally unexpected source. And I will be getting a pay rise next month. How does it get any better?

As we all know Gary is awesome, keep having these classes. I am so grateful to Access!

Joyful hugs,

N. - Sydney, Australia


Yesterday I did my 4th MEST process since the body class.  (Did 3 there, and one anti-aging) 

This morning I woke up ready to recreate my story that it was bad that things were not turning out the way I expected them to and I must be pathetic.  I couldn't hold on to it for more than a minute or two, no matter how hard I tried.  In fact, every judgment and conclusion I brought up kept dissolving into nothing. I just started smiling and laughing - that was the only thing didn't go away in a minute or two. HDIGABTT??!!

I have found that my biggest limitations - trying to control everyone and everything including outcomes, is very apparent.  I choose it last week, was incredibly aware of what it created - and chose to let it go and choose again.  I have a much greater awareness of how everything IS choice. Do I sometimes still find myself choosing it?  - Yes - but I don't seem to make it as solid or stay in it as long.

Now - My beautiful wonderful body:  Since the class I need much less sleep, and I have more energy.  I was running Bars today and realized that for the first time in over a year and a half, I didn't have the painful nerve response in my left wrist.  It's just gone!  I do find that my body needs to rest after doing the process.  Last night I feel asleep during the Conversations in Consciousness - quit a feat considering how amazing and intense and provocative the class was!

A few days ago I was trading with someone.  We each did one MEST - not only was that all our bodies would do that day, the next day the bodies just wanted Bars.  Had the same experience today. Guess these changes are pretty powerful!!

So much gratitude for all of this! 


M.B. - Texas, USA


After attending ONE Advanced Body Class the first thing I was surprised at was how much Body Processes changed my very being.  I always thought that it was separate.  And yet the judgments I functioned from disappeared.  And then I went to the SECOND Advanced Body Class and even greater changes showed up…. With my relationship, with my money flows.  It definitely did not look like I thought it was going to.  I am grateful.



A few months ago I received a second 'bad' pap smear result from my check-up.  I had to see a specialist and it was decided I should have a number of biopsies done, the results of which would determine further treatment.  At first this sent me into a spin and the usual fears surfaced...what will happen if..??  Rather than get caught up in the drama of the what ifs... I decided to ask some questions of the universe and to listen to my body... these are the things that happened:

Firstly I got the message clearly that I was not nurturing the 'feminine' in me.  I was so busy trying to be strong and independent that I was neglecting a very important part of my psyche.  Also my frenetic work pace was not allowing me to be in a space of ease joy and glory....

I started reading about cell level healing and determined that my thoughts and personal lie (I am not good enough) were allowing me to judge myself more severely than anyone else would and this was harming my body

I began to run MTVSS on myself every night and morning as well as Cellular Memory asking that the "bad" cells recycle quickly or heal.

While I was waiting for my surgery I again did MTVSS and also asked my body to receive the anaesthetic and surgical procedure without resistance and to let the intervention be what it needed to be to get me back into perfect health.  

The night after my surgery, a beautiful friend Lucy ran my BARS in what has to have been the most profound healing experience I have ever had.  I had an awareness of every cell in my body.

The great news is that all the biopsies came back negative...everything was clear.   

I had let my use of the Access Tools and processes slip in the busyness of my life but this has been a real wake-up call that we need to be not only constantly diligent about our awareness of how our thoughts and actions help create our reality but that we have the power to turn major things in our lives around.....Access tools can DEFINITELY help you do that.

How does it get any better than that :-)


L. - England


Two and a half year ago I came in contact with Access. 7 years earlier my life dramatically changed when I got a burn out. One and a half year later I got an MS (Multiple Sclerosis) diagnoses and half a year later I was in a car accident and got a whiplash disorder with chronic pain on my way home from my chiropractor.

My legs was week and I had difficulties to walk, after sitting 1-2 hours I had so much pain often that I had to lie down. I had difficulties to be around a lot of people (sub way, shopping etc) had to go home after a short time since I was exhausted. I had relapses where I hardly could walk two stairs for two months; I couldn’t buy my food wash. I also had relapses with losing vision for 3 weeks etc. When I couldn’t stand because I was too week in my legs I couldn’t sit because of the pain so lying was the only option... Problems with warm weather that affected my legs getting even weaker so I had to stay inside during summer most of it...just a few things

I tried everything under the sun to get better diets, exercises, spiritual practices and more and only improved a little still not enough to work at all and at new year 2009 a made a demand either this has to change or was not worth living. In 2009 I came in contact with Access and Dain Heer in a class called Right Body For You in Stockholm. 

After that I learned Access Bars and took the foundation and level one class and three months later I felt more energy, more joy and my body started to get stronger. So much has changed so I went to an Access class in Costa Rica (19 hours before I couldn’t sit for more than 1-2 hours due to extreme pain) I had still pain and I could handle it with out any medicine. 

It feels like I got my life back, I am totally new way that I couldn’t imagine and it keeps getting better all the time. WOW! 


MS - Sweden

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