About Access Body Classes

The Access Body Classes are an invitation to more ease, more gentleness, more potency and more fun with your body!

Do you enjoy your body every day?  Or do you spend your day complaining about how much your body hurts or how you’re “stuck” with it?  Do you have a capacity to heal that you haven’t yet tapped into?  And, would enjoying your body change your life? 

acbody-gary1.jpgThe Access Body Classes invites you to the greatness of receiving the energies we have available through and with our bodies. These are energies that facilitate us to a level of potency and power that we have always had available but never choose to access. Energies that can change and heal you, change and heal your body, change and heal other people’s bodies and change and heal the world. 

  • During the 3-Day Access Body Class you will gift and receive numerous hands on body processes that facilitate the healing of injuries (old and new), eliminate old patterns of drug use, stop emotional turmoil, help you look younger, feel better, and so much more. 
  • During the individual Access Body Process Classes you will give and receive one or two of the dynamic Access Body Processes. 

Both types of classes are interactive and hands-on. Discover a class near you

avbody-tablelaugh.jpgYour body is amazing. It is a source of potency and information about you and the world around you. When you ignore your body’s capacities, how much of your life and your abilities are you also ignoring? Is now the time to enjoy your body? Is now the time to have a body that feels good? Is now the time to access the healing energies that the world so desperately needs?

What if there is a different possibility with your body?
Where would you and your body like to go? 

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