What is a Facilitator?

Thank you for your interest in become or wanting to know more about being an Access Body Facilitator. How did the world and bodies get so lucky? 

There are three types of Access Body Facilitators:

  1. Access Body Process Facilitator
  2. 3-Day Access Body Class Facilitator
  3. Advanced Body Facilitator

Access Body Process Facilitator

Access Body Process Facilitators can facilitate a one-process Access Consciousness Body Process class.  For example - a Body Process Facilitator could facilitate a 4-hour evening class for the hands-on body process Correcting Vision in which the participants would both give and receive the process. Click here to find one in your area.

3-Day Access Body Class Facilitator

3-Day Access Body Class Facilitators facilitate the full 3-Day Access Body Class in which the Access Body Manual with all almost 50 processes is included. Participants spend 3 days gifting and receiving whichever body processes their bodies are requesting.  The 3-Day Access Body Class Facilitator has an intimate knowledge of all the Access Consciousness Body Processes and will assist participants with running the processes, answer questions and do verbal processing on whatever comes up in class. 

Advanced Body Facilitator


This class begins to unlock the systems that have been turned off. With these systems turned off we are at the effect of this reality and all it’s limitations. When we turn these systems back on we begin to step into the dynamic possibilities of embodiment.

This class is currently only being facilitated by Access Consciousness creators Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer.

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